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Oven Metal Top Cover Hinges Code : 601

The top cover hinge of an oven is usually manufactured to be placed in the top cover of an oven, it is placed in such a way that it covers the outer door of the oven. An oven top cover hinge is made from stainless steel material, it is made in such way that the hinge doesn’t wear off with ease. The top cover hinge is highly stainless and it is made from a certain type of steel which has low carbon content and this hinge is hot rolled, which makes the top cover hinge so important.

The top cover of an oven has a hinge which keeps the cover or the lid of the oven intact and helps in keeping the door of the oven intact and the oven top cover hinge also keeps the oven warm which makes the oven more efficient.

The oven top cover hinge helps in covering the top lid of the oven door and it also helps in resisting the air to escape. The top cover hinge of the over is one of the most crucial parts of an oven and it is very important to have the top cover hinge placed in the best possible position.  

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