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Message Of President

The  world is evolving and changing fastly. In such a world we believe that  the most important success criteria are specialization, reliability and human resource.

Miksan  is  one of leading  company which is specialized in oven hinge  systems takes place in Turkey’s  industrial organizations with deep knowledge of market conditions, customer needs, manufacturing with  understanding of quality and technology with 29 years of industrial experience.

It is a great proud for us to see Miksan products which are produced in Turkey with the efforts of Turkish engineers ,employees and capital, are being used safely in different countries worldwide. 
Producing fast and correct solutions to ensure customer satisfaction in terms of production, sales, delivery and after sale services is the base reason for us being reliable and credible brand and corporation.

We aim to work for millions of people that all over the world through our products to bring security and comfort into their lives

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0216 314 29 71
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