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Hinge Support Parts Code : 301

Hinge is a kind of bearing that is used to connect two objects generally solid. It is not just any kind of connection the point at which the two objects are connected can rotate at a fixed along a fixed axis. It acts just like the joints of our body.

Hinges are used in almost all aspects of our life. As already mentioned the different joints of our body like the knee joint or elbow joint are basically hinges. Doors have hinges. If doors did not have hinges then it would be of no use to us.

One of the important household appliances of this time is the micro oven. Now micro oven is a structure that has been prepared very skillfully. Apparently it looks like a box with a front door. This front door is provided with hinge. The front door acts as a protection and does not allow the microwaves to come out of the oven. So the door is a very important part of the structure. As we all know with constant use an object becomes loose so it is very important that the hinge used in the oven door is a good one so that with time the door does not give any problem to the user

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